Sunday, July 31, 2016

Safe Arrival and Saturday's Blessings {July 30, 2016}

Most of the morning was spent adjusting to the climate and spending time together.  We had some worship and prayer time.  After lunch, we walked to a nearby orphanage. About 40 children are housed here ages ranging from 1-15 years.  Everyone brought out something special to share with the children - hand games, coloring, nail polish, love and hugs. The children especially loved the balloons that Danielle brought. Many a game of balloon toss, balloon soccer and pop-the-ballon games were played.  Students from the Bible College joined us for the visit. Seeing them interact and lead worship with the children was encouraging. We were able to share the skit (4 soils parable).  It was amazing!  The children understood and seemed to really let it soak in.  As usual, John’s ukulele was a big hit.  Many of the young ones wanted to strum and sing.  Loving on the kids and sharing the love of Jesus with them. A rousing game of soccer was played, I think the Haitian team won. The cheering section was quite loud and fun. Please be in prayer for the children, the orphanage leaders, and the future of the orphanage.  

Children at Pastor Dovic's church

Balloons always bring a smile

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