Thursday, July 28, 2016

Haiti Team Packed and Ready to Go! {23 July 2016}

Packing day was Saturday, and 40 suitcases are ready to go!  Thank you to everyone at CCFred who donated funds and items for this trip.  We go with more than 700 bright yellow t-shirts that communicate God’s truth about accepting His Word and bearing fruit - (Thanks Emma and Tina for the graphic work!)  We go with more than 500 pairs of brand new crocs - (Thanks Juan and Kim and Faithful Footsteps!)  We go with handmade dresses for the little girls in Haiti - (Thanks Dena and Sewing Seeds!)  We go with diapers and formula for the babies at the abandoned baby ward - (Thanks John Godby and the Florida crew!)  We go with Haitian Creole Bibles - (Thanks Jim and the Gideons!)  We go with hundreds of spoons and bowls (real ones!) to bolster the feeding ministry in Port au Prince (great find Adam and Janelle!)  Granola bars, snack crackers, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and much much more - (Thank you family at CCFred!)  And THANK YOU Holy Spirit for ordaining opportunities for each of these items to touch a precious life in Haiti.  Lord, we want them to know that these items come from YOU, and that You love them with an everlasting love.  Please help us communicate that.
700+ shirts sorted and ready to hand out
Praying over the gifts God provided

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