Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Good Day of Serving {July 31, 2016}

Early this morning we piled into the tap-taps (Haitian taxi trucks) and rode out to Pastor Dovic’s church. Coming out of the city of Port-au-prince, we crossed a rocky quarry that had become a shallow river, and quite a bumpy ride. We headed into the trees where Pastor Dovic has recently planted a church. As we approached we could hear them worshipping in the church surrounded by banana trees. It was a beautiful time to get to worship with them and hear familiar songs being sung to the Lord in Creole.

Pastor John preached an inspiring message from 2 Peter with Dovic’s help to translate, and the congregation really enjoyed the encouragement. The children were excited to hear about the t-shirts we brought for them and began to gather from the homes around the church. The team performed the skit about the 4 soils parable and brought some laughs and good lessons from the Lord. We were all graced with the opportunity to do some crafts and get to love on the children and build new friendships with the community. The Lord has truly been working in Dovic’s church and the community is truly coming together to show Christ’s love with one another. The team provided the t-shirts for the kids and and 150 shoes, and we got to sit back and watch the local church body care for each other as they handed out shirts to the kids. At last, Dovic’s church foundation has been laid and the vision that the Lord has given him is truly coming to fruition!

It was truly a good day serving the Lord, and we have only just begun our week here in Haiti!

Please continue praying for the work of the Lord here and the wonderful people of Haiti.

Stuck in the mud

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