Friday, August 5, 2016

Serving in many ways, but still much more to do {August 3, 2016}

Bible Training Center teaching in 1 Peter ended today, and Jim began teaching through 2 Peter.  The issue was raised about Haitian culture and how many (churches in Haiti) place culture at a higher standing than God’s Word.  Common expectation is that people dress nicely for church services, but the reality is most Haitians do not have nice clothes.  This ‘prevents’ them from gathering in churches; many say they can’t come because they don’t have the proper clothing.  Some of the students are deeply angered by this and don’t want anything to prevent anyone from coming to Christ.  Let’s pray God uses these young men to change the tide of culture and effectively communicate to the people among them that they can come as they are!

Some team members went again this morning to the hospital, just to see if there was a change.  It was still closed, but there were some divine appointments in the parking lot!  Among other encounters, they were able to pray over a 5-day old baby.  (This baby would have been born the day we arrived in Haiti.)  They gave the family some diapers and formula, and reminded them that these were provisions from the Lord.

The team was able to make another trip to the new orphanage this morning while John and Jim taught at the Bible training center.  This was the 3rd trip.  Remember, at the start of the trip the orphanage director was hesitant about the team coming.  Yet today, upon leaving, she told the team, “Oh, come back every day!  Come back every day!”  We praise God that He has used this team to begin another relationship here in Haiti and open another door of opportunity to be His hands and feet…to 37 children and 4 nannies in need.

Medical Clinic with Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda
A team from Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, CA joined us at Cross to Light, and a portion of our team was able to assist them in a medical clinic.  Today was an amazing day and a true blessing to see the power and love of God mightily at work in the people and each member of the medical team. Alex, John Godby, and Allan prayed with the patients throughout the day. We prayed for several women who knew the Lord and their only prayers were to stay on fire for the Lord, for strength during persecution, help with fighting sin, protection for children as they sleep, and for more passion for the Word of God. One little girl asked that we pray for her little brother not to be afraid to sleep at night. One elderly lady who glowed with the light of the Holy Spirit had terminal breast cancer with only a short time to live, yet she prayed for us after we prayed for her.  The heat was so bad at the start of the day that some of the translators were asking if we could bring everyone waiting at the gate inside, but we were not able to do so. However, Alex and Allan went under the stairs and prayed for more wind and cloud cover to protect those waiting.  30 minutes later we realized that the clouds moved in and wind picked up… Praise God!  The heat index was to be 100+, but God in that one little section provided protection.  We had 5 people surrender their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior (4 women and 1 young man).  However, the saddest part was that we had two young mothers confess they knew of God and Jesus and believed Jesus died for our sins, but they wouldn’t repent and surrender to God, knowing they would go to hell if they died today.  The power of the Holy Spirit was so awesome that none of us got discouraged not even for a second.

This evening, Pastor John was able to teach at the BTC church service, a message on Zacchaeus.  He encouraged the people to run ahead of the “crowds” in their lives and separate themselves from anything (including voodoo) to see Jesus.  Several people raised their hands after the message, wanting to draw nearer to Christ.  Team members were able to pray over each person.  There wasn’t a translation, but God hears and understands the prayers!  We also prayed for Pastor Israel - for the Lord to supernaturally empower him to shepherd this flock that is among him.  There is much work to be done here.  

John with Bible Training Center students (left to right: Jovenel, Dossou,
Jonas, Michael, Patrick)

Jim teaching Bible Training Center students

Janelle with our new friend Ralph
Bible booklets were given to the children at the orphanage

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