Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Haiti Day 4 (June 17)

Starting to get into a routine. Everyone up early for devotions and an on-time start for our 0700 meeting. John finished teaching up thru Ezekiel 19 and Emily led the VBS lesson using the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Another small crowd that grew very quickly. Easily 150 and probably closer to 200 including adults and older teens. JT's craft was a Big Hit with the kids. The Haitian's are very musically inclined so the maracas were not only appropriate but were held onto tightly and used constantly during song and praise.  In the afternoon, we went to the orphanage. What an eye opener that was! The special-needs kids were heart breaking. I think most of us were trying to swallow the lumps in our throats and trying to move forward with our mission. Many of us went into the Hope House where the special needs kids were and helped to wheel them into the courtyard where they were positioned in a semi-circle to observe the Good Samaritan skit and lesson we had completed for VBS on Monday. Many other orphans were also on hand. Of course there is no difference between an orphan and a non-orphan. Can't pick 'em out of a crowd or anything. They were just great kids who need a lot of loving. What an incredible experience to think through James' statement about perfect religion and taking care of widows and orphans. Many just really wanted to be held and wanted extra crafts (hearts symbolizing God's love). Some of our folks even put the special-needs kids on to a specially designed platform, strapped them in, and gave them a ride as on a swing-but in a reclined positioned. Hard to tell who was enjoying the moment more. After the orphanage we proceeded to the Tent City church for a service. The service was chock full of kids who welcomed us by climbing up on our laps to sit. All in all very well behaved. The worship was passionate. We knew some of the songs based on the music. The message was provided by Big Jim with translator where he was very well received and managed to bring the congregation a little deeper into the Word. It was night when we departed. We all climbed aboard the pickup truck and made our way back for a late dinner. All are still healthy and in good spirits. Mosquitos minimal. Wind is helping. Heat is tolerable. Much to see. Much growth. Much stretching of our comfort zones. The prayers are felt and there have been cases where things could have gone south but the Holy Spirit has intervened and the Gospel has been furthered. Praise be to The Lord, Jesus Christ. Jezi renmen ou!

Passing out lollipops at the orphanage.

Maracas at VBS Day 2

Bible Training Center students.


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. Keeping you in prayer all the time!!

  2. It's really wonderful that your church is able to minister to the people of Haiti! I'm enjoying reading the updates and praying for a successful trip in every way! Most especially that y'all are able to spread the gospel of Christ and win souls. - Proverbs 11:30

    1. Thanks Mary Ellen. Didn't even THINK anyone from outside CCFRED would read this. So cool to be able to be a part. Thanks for the feedback:)