Monday, June 16, 2014

Haiti Day 3 (June 16)

Who needs an alarm clock?!?. We've got our first alarm (Lead Rooster) at about 0430. That alarm alerts the rest of the roosters outside our perimeter and there has to be at least 50. Each one sounds the same! But they seem to wake up between 0430 and 0600 so there is no excuse for tardiness! We hit the ground running. Devotions at about 0700 where Pastor John taught from 1 Peter 1. Pancakes at 0730. No syrup. Syrup is for the weak! Bible student training at 0830 and VBS practice and set up around 0845. Kids started showing up around 0930 and we kicked off shortly thereafter providing a skit of the Good Samaritan and linking it to our VBS theme of "God's Love" and key verse Romans 5:8. JT provided a craft to help symbolize and solidify the lesson. The kids, teens, and adults enjoyed the skit and participated in the lesson, answering questions and generally having fun. Two locals including one of last year's graduating Bible students and a missionary from Costa Mesa entertained the group with songs and games. The kids had lots of fun running and jumping in the newly minted concrete amphitheater. Only one casualty-bloody chin. He was repaired and back in working order in no time. After VBS we handed out a boatload of crocs and take-away bags-about 150. As orderly as we'd have liked it, chaos became the word of the hour. But throughout, we served and loved our neighbor. So many kids to hold and play with. Smiles and joy aplenty.  Not long after we wrapped up VBS Day 1, we were on our way to Tent City with dresses and more crocs. A long walk over the lose and rocky terrain. Much like our journey to the church on Sunday. Tent City was quite a scene. It really breaks ones heart to see how and where they live but at the same time lifts one up to see the joy they have and show to each other. Their love for each other especially family, is evident. The Tent City church, where we decided to pass out the dresses, is simply constructed, with a wood frame and a corrugated tin roof. The sides are also wooden to about five feet and chain linked to the roof to allow air to circulate. But the inside is filled with the Love that only Jesus can provide. So many kids with so few personal possessions. After a few words from Pastor John, the kids and parents/guardians/siblings filed to the table where dresses and other clothes were assembled and provided. They moved on to the shoe station where they were fitted and provided crocs-you would not believe what some of these kids had for shoes. Many looked liked they had been worn by about fourteen children prior. Half of their foot might be protruding. Still, nobody complained. It didn't take long for the word to spread throughout Tent City and pretty soon the orderly file turned into, well how about "barely restrained anticipation". When it was all said and done, much more was done than said. I think a few pictures tell the story quite well. Hopefully we can get them uploaded. Keep the heat (prayer) coming. This is definitely a "contact sport" and endurance is key. It's nonstop baby!

Dresses that were made given to the girls in the tent city.

Entering the tent city.

Handing out clothing at the tent city church... a little chaotic.


  1. Thanks for giving the home team a glimpse of the work being done. The picture of the little girl receiving the dress is especially touching. So sweet! Thanks go to all who sewed the many dresses.

  2. Tears. God is so very good! Be blessed and trust Him for strength in the days ahead.