Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome everyone! Since you are reading this blog I’m guessing you are interested in what “CCFred” is up to regarding missions work.  Though there have been many mission opportunities here at CCFred, this is our first effort at keeping The Body appraised of progress and events via a blog.  So be gentle in your critique! 
This summer (June 14-21) our mission to Haiti, in cooperation with Cross-to-Light Ministries, will bring spiritual nourishment through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tangible support in the form of basic necessities to a hurting people.  Almost all of those we will meet live in “Tent City” just north of Port au Prince, Haiti--the capital.  The birth of Tent City was probably a response to the devastating earthquake of 2010 but the Haitians have been very poor for a very long time and for many reasons.  If you’d like to see for yourself, try googling Port-au-Prince Tent City and select “Images”.
CCFred has put together several “Home” teams to make sure the mission “gets off the ground” and to ensure sustainment during the effort.  In our next post, we will touch on the “Visiting” team and their efforts. The teams are focusing on the following areas:
Prayer Team – The Prayer Team will cover the entire evolution to include the Home Team (not traveling) and the Visitors (travelers). 
Dress Making Team – These great and talented folks are making dresses for the girls who, believe it or not, simply have nothing (or very little) to wear.  Some kids stay in their tents all day long because they have no clothes. Obviously the need will outweigh production but those who do receive the dresses will provide us in return with the BIGGEST SMILE “this side of the Pecos!”   (Google it…)
Supply Team – The Supply team has put together a great list of requirements for the mission. These needs have been identified by Cross to Light so we can be assured they are truly necessities.  After each church service, please visit the “Board” and grab one or more cards that identify a supply needed.  This is a great way to participate in the effort even if you don’t have the time to support in other ways.  Please support this effort because let’s face it, if we don’t care enough to help satisfy their basic needs, it’s pretty tough to make the leap to satisfying spiritual needs.
Logistics Team - Sun Tzu said “the line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” (No, I don’t think he was a Christian.  Can I still quote him?!?).  The logistics team is working multiple angles to include transportation of people and stuff from CCFred to Tent City.  Organizationally, we plan on bringing about 30 full-size suitcases stuffed with items appropriate to our mission.   

Pack–Out Team – In conjunction with the Logistics Team, the Pack-Out Team will organize, categorize, and itemize each case and its contents. This is a crazy effort that would be chaotic but, thanks to our energetic and far-sighted pack-out commander, who orchestrated the same event in 2013, the evolution will hopefully turn out to be just as ridiculously smooth as it was in 2013, with every “jot and tittle” accounted for, their location by suitcase identification, and in case of suitcase separation anxiety, the final destination of the case (i.e. orphanage, tent city, Cross to Light, Bible Training Center, etc.).  Pack-out date is 6 June so considering helping if you are available.
See next post for information on the the "Visitors".

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